For two weeks a year, everyone in Paris remembers that they are very into tennis. Crowds flock to Stade Roland Garros to celebrate spring (theoretically, since the tradition of Roland Garros goes back to 1891, long before the climate became weird), get a grasp of latest trends and social gossip, drink champagne and catch up with friends. And to watch tennis, of course. Elena and I are no exception to the rule. Roland Garros became our personal tradition since – we were trying to remember it last weekend – 2011, when we were first invited for one of the Paris sport – and social – key events. “Do you two even like tennis?” – Stephan, then Elena’s boyfriend, was challenging our intentions.

We did like tennis: at 2011, Elena, a student of Panthéon-Assas and myself, a proud resident of a 22 m2 apartment under the roofs of the 9th arrondissement of Paris and an exchange at Dauphine, liked every social event we could get to in Paris. Let alone Roland Garros.


Rolland Garros 2016: the trophies

A lot of things have changed since then. Elena has defended the best in class thesis on political science and was then lured by the challenges of commercial sector. I have graduated from my Masters as well, went to Istanbul, then back to Finland and then returned to France for INSEAD. Elena and Stephan got married, moved to a new place and now have a daughter. I graduated from INSEAD, left for Munich and now have finally come back home, to Paris. When I think about 2011, everything has changed and only Fedya, Lena’s dog, remains a constant in our lives (and now a favorite toy of Jeanne). However, we still reunite every year to watch Nadal, make a ton of epic pictures and, naturally, to exchange news and reflections on life (and Paris public) over champagne.

I have a feeling that many of those who bought 4600 meals at Roland Garros restaurant over fortnight have similar motivation. During the matches (which are scattered across 11 clay courts), almost as many people are roaming in the tennis village as there are at the tribunes. Nevertheless, the tribunes are normally full and enthusiastic, with here and there first-name cheers for the players and football tunes. Here are some of my captures this season.

From the elite event it was originally designed to be, Roland Garros is getting more and more democratic every year. Apart from the tickets by invite and game tickets for every of the courts, there is also, as I learnt this weekend, a village pass. The pass gives an entry right to the territory of the sport complex, where an eager sports fan (or a beginning socialite) can either watch the games’ projections on large screens or chase a kind soul leaving the stadium for the day and willing to give his ticket away.

French are the masters of details. If you got fascinated by the Roland Garros coffee on the featured picture of this post as much as we did, here it the chef-d’oeuvre in the making.

And, of course, our seasonal pictures.




Promised shopping tips

If you made it to this point in the post, that’s probably because the jacket and the jewelry on my photos lured you all the way. I am not a fashion blogger and I could never be one, largely because I tend to wear very simple things with minimum details in maximum two colors (one of them black or grey) at a time and to shop for them a few times a year (preferably online). I am a girl who buys a T-shirt she likes in all available (mono) colors just because she has finally found something simple enough. However, my limited experience of a shopper proves that the simplest things are the most difficult to find.

I have been looking for a perfect leather jacket for years and found this one at Biljana Tipsarevic after I returned another parcel of around-1k-goodies to YOOX. To my delight, Biljana is a designer from Serbia (I love finding great things about my area of origin and brag about them). And she agreed to make the jacket I loved with silver zippers instead of the default gold ones. What can I say, no one knows how to dress a Slavic girl better than a Slavic designer! For literally the first time in my life I found a hard skin leather jacket which was a perfect fit, not too short and with the waist where the waist is supposed to be. I will for sure return for more. Check out Biljana’s collections, they are fabulous.

The second of my trophies is the orchid jewelry set from the Russian brand Aldzena (Альдзена). I had the bracelet made to fit and bought it through the online shop together with the earrings (mainly because it is virtually impossible to order something at Aldzena directly without living in Russia).

(click the pics to view my trophies better!)

Now you also know a lot about tennis.

Until next year, Roland Garros!


4 thoughts on “Roland Garros 2016: friends, traditions and some Eastern European shopping tips

  1. 🙂 it’s not the first time when I convince in my strange meteo luckiness … in march of 2013 it was snow in Paris… then in november 2013 it was rain in Dubai… and now… it was awfully rain 31st of may in my first visit of RG… so the matches were interrupted twice and at the end were canceled … But I always stay inexhaustible optimist… and I hope I will have a fortune to visit RG once more time with the normal may weather:)))) or may be for this I will need to join to you ? (as I see on these photos you were much more lucky with weather conditions)

    PS: Amazing braselet!!!

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  2. I became pretty pleased to locate this kind of web-site.I want to to great moment for this fantastic examine!! My partner and i definitely taking pleasure in every single little this i have you saved to view brand new items you article.


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