Today is a public holiday in France, and that makes a room for one more post this week before I hop on a train to London tomorrow to take a trip down memory lane and to celebrate Louveteau’s birthday. I am going to share with you the memories of one of the happiest days in my life, and my heart is full of radiant anticipation and gratitude to life for having experienced all that.

As you might have noticed, I travel a lot and have been doing that for quiet a while. With every picture I sneak, every city break I carve out in my schedule and every new country I pin on my Travel Map, I get increasingly more and more difficult to surprise, overwhelm and amaze. Iguazu scraps all that luggage of travel experience and resets my ability to be blown away to zero. Once again, I am a kid who crosses the geographical boundaries for the first time and steps in the unknown. 

Iguazu can not be compared to absolutely anything you have experienced before (I am saying “experienced” because this place is constantly engaging all of your five senses, and sometimes even the sixth and the seventh ones). For starters, that’s the first thing you see when you enter the park: the flocks of friendly coati! Have you even heard about coati before?


Coati, numerous inhabitants of Iguazu National Park

We booked Iguazu free of any expectations and we going to stay for two nights, just in case. Ele has recommended us Belmond Hotel das Cataratas because it is the only hotel located on the territory of the Iguazu National Park. At least, from the Brazilian side (Argentinian side is much bigger and has its own hotels, Sheraton among them, for SPG lovers). Our stay would not have been that magical had we picked a different place.

We made it to Iguazu late in the day (I am sparing some drama about a missed flight from Rio and some vivid flying/ landing impressions). The day was still on, so we parked our bags and rushed along the sightseeing route. That’s what we saw. 

We ended the day in the huge open swimming pool of the hotel, watching the sun glares dissolving in the velvet water and listening to the murmuring sounds of the rainforest as the night was stepping into its rights.

We woke up at 6 a.m. moderately enthusiastic (I sincerely hate early wake up calls, especially on vacation, but I gave in to Louveteau’s catching encouragement). We started the day right where we ended the previous one, in the pool. Now we could see the sun coming up and kissing the sky, the trees, and the water around us. We took our (first) breakfast and run down the familiar sightseeing path.

The park opens to the general public at 8.30 am, and before that the waterfalls, the wooden pathways and the panoramic bridge belong only to the hotel residents (and to the coati, of course). What we saw is beyond any reasonable words (and you can come with all kind of sounds and syllables on your own – you will come up with all of them, in fact).

I usually group my sneak pics in galleries to make them easier to browse through but those are the best landscapes I have pictured (and ever seen), so I just have to post them one by one. And you see why, don’t you?


And all of THIS, believe it or not, is just half a day at Iguazu. Mind-blowing, isnt’t it? Right after all this delight, we took our second breakfast and set off to explore the Argentinian side.


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