You would think that Buenos Aires would be somewhat similar to Rio, because both are big cities in Latin America (at least, I did). But shame on me and on my chronic lack of preparation for trips, there could not be two more different cities! So now when you know what Rio is like, you can easily make up what Buenos Aires is not: picturesque, spectacular and breath-taking. It certainly is not a love at first sight. However, once you get to know Buenos Aires, it results in some serious attachment. If Rio is an amazing place to visit, take pictures and tell you kids all about it, Buenos Aires is more a city to live in. 

Caminito is probably the most photographed area of Buenos Aires. A part of a poor La Boca neighbourhood, it is a splash of bright lively colors, in a stunning contrast to a gloomy (and a bit dodgy, really) surroundings. There are many stories about Caminito’s origin, and the one I like the most is about the Italians. Buenos Aires became a meaningful city in 1880s, when as many as 6 million foreign immigrants poured into it. Many were Italians, and many were from the port of Genoa. Italians like familiar things, so they stayed at the port of La Boca. To add some colors to the place, they used whatever they could get their hands on, namely shipwreck, container leftovers and some paint.

And they did add a lot of colors: look at Caminito now! Personally, I like that.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” T. Roosevelt

Yes, Caminito is still a poor place but the colors make it so much happier. Sometimes it takes a little bit of positive thinking (and some stolen materials) to make your reality ways better.

And just outside of Caminito, once you briefly tour the neighbourhood and start looking for cabs to get to more cheerful places of town, there is a local celebrity: La Boca’s Transporter Bridge. We have actually checked on the Internet to make sure that’s the famous bridge, and here it is. In all its glory.


The Transporter Bridge of La Boca neighbourhood, Buenos Aires


The Transporter Bridge of La Boca neighbourhood, Buenos Aires


7 thoughts on “Buenos Aires: Caminito

  1. Wow. Caminito reminded us of our recent visit to Gamcheon village in Busan. It was also a poor neighbourhood populated with refugess from the Korean war. But over the years they have made it colorful and cheerful, just like Caminito. Indeed the human spirit overcomes the hardest times!

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