Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is Solitude. Now, solitude is something that almost never happens to me (or to most people today, for that matter). Except for the time I spend in the air or when I am one on one with nature. One on one with nature is a special type of solitude: more profound, more spiritual, the one asking good questions and the one answering them. (Plus, it does not get ruined by empty time-killing airplane conversations thrown by people who just can’t tolerate being in their own company.)


A teenage boy leading the caravan of camels in Morocco desert

Somehow being in the nature makes you feel alone even if you are surrounded by people – and think about things that really matter. That means, about 90% of your usual every day thoughts: work, getting from A to B, grocery list, to do list, goals list, any other task that list can be made of, – fade away. You understand what’s important and that important is few. Much fewer than we normally think. You finally hear “less is more”, and hear it in your heart.

I took this picture in Morocco desert, listening to the well-rhymed steps of the camel that was carrying me – so soft that they seemed to be sinking in the sand, – and the steps of all the camels behind it, in the caravan. There were at least ten people behind me, and I could neither hear them or feel their presence.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

  1. A unique photo perspective for this challenge. I like it. If I ever sit by you on an airplane, I’ll try not to talk with you, although I hopefully don’t have empty conversations there and I’m never uncomfortable with myself. 🙂 I have, however, met some great people that way.


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    • Haha, based on these few lines, I would you to sit next to me on the plane 😀 To be objective, I have also met some interesting people this way – maybe two or three, but then I fly almost weekly, 3-4 times, and most often I find myself in conversations with some business guys flying for business for the last two decades and wishing to share their superior point of view about less superior countries, and it annoys me 😜


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