Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is A Good Match. I was first thinking about all the combinations of things we get used to in our daily lives, like coffee and milk (even though I only have my coffee black), whisky and cigars (saw that in the movies), salt and pepper, and all other sugar and spice. Anchoring is strong in human mind, once the author of the photo challenge gives a food example, you can’t help but think along the same lines.

And then I thought, life has far more wisdom than we do – especially when it comes matching. Life creates couples.


A romantic painting on the wall of La Boca neightbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina

I came across this wall painting in quite a dodgy area of Buenos Aires (one step away from colorful touristic Caminito, and La Boca feels borderline safe). One look at this, and all the imperfections of the neighborhood stopped to exist (along with safety considerations). I stood there for a moment, impressed by this human creation – and by life that had inspired it. Then I moved on, but my day was marked but something kind, beautiful, authentic and unique – by something magical.


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