The city is still Havana, of course. My fascination with the Cuban capital continues far beyond my trip there end of last year. As I am going through the pictures I took at Le Malecon, the 8 km of tamed seaside, I see it again: spacious, wild and free. The sea plays such an important role in Havana’s history: the city owns its very existence to it. Grateful, Havana leans towards the sea. The real heart of the city – and it’s center – is here, with its night bars and breakfast cafรฉs, Internet hot spots, parades and magnificent built at scale hotels, reviving the glorious images 30s when Havana was the mafia heaven.

Today Malecon is for everyone: Havana locals come here to sunbathe, swim, fish (birds do as well), play music and kiss on the parapet. Tourists flock for the stunning panoramas of the city (and for a morning run, a notion that remains foreign to most Cubans). I walked all the 8 km of Malecon and that made me feel part of this city, tune to its rhythm and want to stay more.


Le Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba

One of my favorites at Malecon is pelican watching: gliding above the city skyline, plunging for fish, drying their feathers. Perfectly ignorant of people, pelicans feel completely at ease at Malecon, proving yet another time thatย the famous Havana pier has a place for everyone.

And, of course, Malecon with its waterfront location and universal magnet status becomes a perfect place for the monuments: that of the national heroes, design thought, and of course, that of history.


Le Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba


Le Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba

And, of course, the best monuments are those created by nature: like this water color, explaining the attractive powers of Malecon and making Havana a truly magical place.


Le magical color of water at Malecon


The view from Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba


Fading architecture at Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba, reminds about the power of time


Malecon pier in Havana, Cuba

El Morro is probably the most time-worthy from the nine Havana fortresses, and its architecture and the impressive parade of canons are not the only reasons for it. El Morro literally offers the best views of Havana you can ask for, especially at the sunset.

See it for yourself – and make sure the sun farewell is a must on your Havana program.


With that moment of magic, I am closing the second part of my story on Havana. In case you have missed it, check the Havana classics, Havana overviewย and the entire Cuba-Mexico trip itinerary.

Come back soon for more.


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