Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

This week’s photo challenge is Heritage. To me, heritage is much about history and much about culture, – two things that growing up in St Petersburg, home of one of the world’s largest museums and a scene of many, well, interesting historical events, has deeply ingrained into my character. That made me put work aside for a moment and go through the pictures of my recent travels.

As you might have noticed, I like learning new things. A few weeks ago I discovered a new country for me – Tunisia. It’s capital, Tunis, has the world’s largest mosaics collection, Le Bardo. And that’s just breathtaking: hundreds and hundreds of square meters of history laid out in gorgeous rainbow colored tiles, floor to ceiling.


Which museum have you recently discovered?


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

  1. Ooh I love those tiles – they remind me of my trip to the Alhambra! I’ve recently been working my way round the municipal museums in Lyon – the Musée de l’Imprimerie et de la Communication Graphique had a great temporary exhibition on the bande dessinée 🙂 It covered the theory behind the bande dessinée through a variety of examples (graphic novels, magazine comic strips etc.), which I found really interesting.

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      • I think the level of enthusiasm for museums is about the same amongst my close friends! Equally, I’m aware that some museums are fantastic while others can be distinctly sub-par. I tend to stick to museums related to my own field of interest, though when I’m abroad I usually visit a museum or two related to the place I’m in (e.g. the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum).

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  2. My favourite museum is the open air museums in Aarhus, Denmark called Den Gamle By. One gets a feel for how life was lived in Denmark, all those years ago. Realistic and authentic, staff dress up in period dress and cook period meals. Always interactive and fun!


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