A Girl with Geography: About That

16231432_10154410088877956_390349851_oI am a girl with geography.

My parents have been in South Korea for more than a decade, my best friends are scattered across Paris, Vienna, Rome, Dubaï and Ljubljana. Louveteau, with his own collection of passports and geographies, is based in Geneva (according to the legend, at least).

I have left to live my dream and changed five countries of residence over the last nine years (cities geotags sum up to St Petersburg – Helsinki London – Paris – Fonty – Munich), stayed for two months in Gothenburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen and a small city next to Busan, walked the streets of 44 countries, learnt a lot of from it, flew many times around the world, to finally settle in Paris.

And I often think that my life is normal, yes.

At the end of last year I turned thirty three, and more often than not I am happy about it. I have a weakness for educational institutions and, among others, I have studied at LSE in London, Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and Université Daphine in Paris. In December 2012, I graduated from the best school in the world, INSEAD, and took off to Munich to work for a, well, big tech company. And now I have finally came back to Paris.


I am positively missing hours in a day, pages in my passport and, now, vacation days to do everything that is impossible not to do.

People often tell me that my story is amazing. That I did things and traveled to places that most people would only dream about. And that one day I should write a book about it. I don’t know about that (see my point above, and books take time). But I did start this blog. It was my strategy to change my thought track from work-work-work, to reboot and to take a moment to appreciate all the beautiful things that were passing by with the speed of light. In a way, it was my own happiness project.

I write about my travels #WANDERLUST, finding that subtle balance in life #BALANCINGACT and – surprisingly little, because I still travel almost weekly! – about life in my new home, Paris #BECOMINGFRENCH. I thought that this blog might inspire you to ask your questions, and find your answers, and live your dreams. And if so, I did well.

If you like my story, get more of it from Chapters, one for a place I lived in:

If you want to contact me, the best way to do so is by email at natasha.pavlova@outlook.com.

I hope you enjoy this blog.



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17 thoughts on “A Girl with Geography: About That

  1. Awsome post and right to the point. I am not sure if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂


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