Promise on Fairytales Delivered: Sintra and Cascais

Time to deliver on the expectations I set in my post on Lisbon. Portuguese capital is by all means gorgeous but the real enchantment is 30 minutes drive (or train ride) away.

I learnt about Sintra from the poster in Lisbon airport (so much for the trip preparation). Later our self-appointed guide slash Uber driver Joao suggested we go see it. He also kindly volunteered to drive us there. We took him on his offer the day after. It costed us 30 EUR one way, and in case you decide to do the same (i.e., go to Sintra by Uber), be sure to agree with your driver to come for you to take you back to Lisbon: clearly, there is no Uber service in Sintra (miracles end here). The advantage of this arrangement, apart from getting some life wisdom from our guide, was saving time and effort of going up the mountain. Life wisdom came handy as well: Joao showed us the shortest (and most picturesque) way down to the village.


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