South Korea Daily 2

With half of my Intagram feed going to Japan to marvel at the sakura blossom or to admire the red colors of the autumn, I am happily keeping South Korea – with equally gorgeous cherry time and fall colors – to myself. For me, mass tourism takes the magic of the places away (think Santorini flooded by several hundred of ferry hoppers), – I kind of don’t even want to go to Japan now.

DSCF2344 copy.jpg

Especially when I have my family still in Korea. Here I am taking on from the previous post on South Korea Daily, to share with you some of my favorite pastimes there, Korea’s less known casual side, and simply the things that make me happy there.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

I simply love words. The magic of connected letters has captivated me since I was a child. Since then, I have always been surrounded by books: novels when I was growing up, books on strategy and economics when I was studying, books on self-development and growth now, when I am done with degrees (with an occasional history reading, like the book on Cuba that was my vacation reading binge).

When I am not reading (and not working, or writing in my blog or IG), the magic of words still captures me on the streets. I have a lot of pictures with street signs, hashtags and city graffiti walls that have captured my imagination in different cities during different trips. For this week’s photo challenge, Names, I have chosen words with coffee from last year’s Roland Garros.


Roland Garros 2016: the coffee

Happy tasting!