Relationships, Joint Ventures and Other Investments

Many of my friends are men. It has been like that for all my life and maybe, just maybe, there is a reason for it. (I have a few very close girlfriends as well. But man, you don’t want to mess with these girls.)

Contrary to a popular belief, men like to talk. As a friend, I often become a landing point of their views on life, love and marriage. And everything in between. When I first heard, a very long time ago from a very good friend of mine, that he is seeing people outside of his marriage, I was not sure how to take it. Some good-girl values struggled with reality for a while, but then I figured out (quite selfishly, I admit) that what mattered to me was that he was a great friend and his lose morals were his personal business. I asked why, though. I am a curios person (which often is a cause of many of my life’s problems). He told me that he and his wife had nothing to talk about anymore. He did not think she was interesting as a person. “Yeah, right”, – I thought back then, cross-checking in my mind the photo of his last catch to that of his wife (and you thought men do not share photos?). Whatever.

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